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About Us

A new specialist orthodontic practice located right after the exit from the iconic Penang Bridge which is an absolute convenience for patients residing either on the island itself or patients from the mainland. Our philosophy is: Dental treatment should be safe and accessible for everyone. We maintain the highest standard of cleanliness throughout the whole premise to make you feel at ease in the hand of a qualified specialist orthodontist. It is also worth mentioning that our premise is disabled-friendly being equipped with elevators.

Why Us

We are a strong believer in educating patients to make the best decision for their own well-being. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which should be done by a qualified specialist orthodontist who has completed a full-time 3-year masters programme in university recognized by the Ministry of Health and listed in the National Specialist Register. Our clinician Dr Goh had fulfilled all the requirements and this is what makes us stand out among others. Why settle for less when you can have a qualified orthodontist doing exactly what she has been trained to do at a competitive price?

Personal touch and continuity of treatment: If you prefer to see the same clinician (ideally you should) throughout your treatment, you are at the right place as Dr Goh will be handling every patient by herself now and in years to come!

Safe and comfortable premise coupled with warm staffs who strive to deliver the best patient care at all times.


Flexibility: We totally understand that life can be busy! We are open on weekends to cater for your needs.

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